Import & Export

ALPY Trade & Consultancy, as the commercial agency of the leading manufacturers, has an important role in meeting the raw material and product needs of various sectors, such as agriculture, food, machinery, textile, construction, industrial materials, for Central and Southern Europe and Turkey.

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Consulting Services

As ALPY Trade & Consultancy, we offer consulting services to people, companies and producers who want to do business and invest in Slovenia, which we know very well due to long-standing international commercial relations.

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ALPY Trade & Consultancy is an independent strategic partner on the global market, acting for the benefit of manufacturer companies or wholesalers.

We organize the sales of goods and concludes deals on behalf of and for the account of the represented company. Our customers are always commercial buyers, not final consumers.

We are specialists in the area of sales and marketing and ready to provide useful support to manufacturing companies while entering new markets especially in Central and Southern Europe countries and Turkey.